An Overview

With these new transparent LEDs business owners will no longer have to worry about the issue of visibility vs advertising. They allow you to keep the storefront glass open, exposing your products and displays to the public. At the same time their high quality allows for attractive and efficient advertising.

New type of display

LED transparent screen as the name implies is the nature of the LED display like glass with the transmission of light. The principle of its realization is a micro-innovation of the light bar screen, the process transformation of the traditional LED display, the SMD manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, control system are targeted improvements, coupled with the hollow design of the structure, reducing the structure of the components on the line of sight blockage, to maximize the perspective effect. And can be integrated with the environment.

Transparent LED display is a new type of display, the front is transparent LED, rather than glass, inside is LED light-emitting beads to form the product of video playback. This transparent display attracts customers by contrasting the displayed product with the background of the digital content. Transparent LED screen is an LED display that is crystal clear like glass and has the functionality of an LED. It enables the viewer to see any display on the glass and provides a complete coverage of its background. It is also known as a see-through screen because it allows the viewer to see what is happening behind the screen. With a penetration rate of about 50% to 90% and a thickness of 10 mm, transparent LED has become one of the best choices for commercial use. Its special materials, mounting methods and robust construction have helped it gain an edge over other LED screens on the market.

Our transparent LED screen offers an effective and eye-catching alternative to large LED screens. The image on the screen is created by programming the LED beads to work together, and the lights work together to create an image by displaying the associated pixel colors on the remapped LEDs. This effect is particularly powerful when integrated into glass curtain walls, allowing designers to provide screen solutions for retail buildings that focus on glass architecture without compromising the overall design.