StudioPro Content Management Software (CMS)

Deliver an Engaging Content Anytime, Anywhere

When it comes to deploying an effective network of digital screens, nothing is more important than choosing the right content management software (CMS) for your business. If your CMS doesn’t help you to get content up and running fast and seamlessly, your signage will only hinder your growth.

StudioPro CMS is a cloud based system that gives you the ability to remotely manage, update and control information that is being displayed on your screens anytime, anywhere.

You can control an unlimited number of screens all from one location remotely. All that you need is access to a computer with an internet connection. StudioPro CMS offers a strong foundation that enables you to deliver your content from start to finish.

Build the Presentation Once,

Run It Everywhere

StudioPro CMS allows you to create media-rich presentations and campaigns. By using the built-in drag-and-drop widgets: images, videos, slideshows, RSS feeds, webpages, interactive polls, virtual queue, social media feeds, YouTube streams, etc., you will be able to create eye-catching and dynamic content for your audience.

In addition, the CMS will have a scheduling option so you can display your ads and promotions at certain times or days on certain screens. Scheduling features help you organize your content strategy, especially during peak sale periods.

Through the CMS you will be able to monitor and troubleshoot your screen network. StudioPro content management system will give you the capability to check connectivity issues, playback problems and to remotely reboot your system.

Build Once

Log in to your account and build a rich presentation.

Save To The Cloud

No server management, no complicated software installation.

Play It Everywhere

Play your presentation on unlimited remote screens.

Choose From Dozens of

Smart Components 

StudioPro CMS includes more than 40 smart components, which add many valuable tools and features that you can use to enrich your signage presentation and campaigns.

With these cool components you simply drag the component you want onto the timeline, configure your parameters and load up your remote screens with information that matters to your business and to your audience.

CMS Features & Benefits

With StudioPro CMS you will be able to take full advantage of your digital signage. The software is designed to maximize the potential growth of your business and it provides all the necessary tools, so you can operate a successful and reliable network of digital screens.

Mobile CMS Management

StudioPro CMS also allows you to manage your remote screens using a smart phone or tablet anywhere in the world. Get live snapshots and push updates all from your mobile device.

Supported Media Formats

Due to the hundreds of different encoders available today, it is possible that some of your files may not run properly. For this reason, we recommend to use a video editing software like Freemake Video Converter to convert your media files to any standard format listed below. This eliminates any encoder/decoder issues you may experience.

FLV (H.263)
MPEG-4 (H.264)

* We recommend to use FLV (H.264) encoding for videos as it supports hardware acceleration and runs on the GPU (not CPU) and gives the best performance.

Windows & Android Based

Media Players

Media Players connect to digital screens and enable content to be broadcasted. Media Players are cloud-enabled and serve as the primary link between your displayed content and the CMS software powering it.

Unlock the Power of Your Digital Signage

If you have questions about the CMS and it’s features, we are happy to help you so that you can realize your individual projects with specific requirements. Press the button on the right and get in touch with us!