LED Floor Screen

LED Floor 
Ultra-High Strength

LED Floor Screen is made of PC materials. It has high wear resistance, flexibility and excellent resistance to high and low temperatures.

Smart Sensors

The system uses a highly integrated design, take the induction device integrates into each module. It has a high sensing accuracy and has a fast response in only 0.01-second speed.


Special waterproof and moisture-proof materials are used for the bottom frame housing, electrical and signal cables of the floor tile module. It is made of raw material with a moisture absorption coefficient.

High Load Bearing

According to mechanical design, the ultimate bearing capacity of each square meter of floor tile screen can reach up to 3 tons.

Interactive Multi-Touch Capabilities

LED Dance Floor

One of the best ways to control the mood and make sure everyone has a great time is to use an LED floor at your party. There are many benefits, and each one is just another reason that your event will go off without a hitch. Check out all these advantages of using an LED floor screen at your next event. Go with a star-studded or sparkly LED floor for a prom with a night sky or Paris theme. The opportunities to customize are endless because of the digital nature of the LED floor.

Interactive LED Floor

Interactive technology inside each LED module has multiple sensing points, fast response speed, and high sensing accuracy. It is easy to install and cost-saving. As long as an object touches the surface of the module, it will have an interactive effect, regardless of the number of objects and environmental factors. There is no need to install extra sensing devices. But it can interact with other devices and allows further development, which greatly improves the it’s usability and functions to achieve greater value.

Cutting-Edge Technology

LED Floor Screens are the cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology which bring the best possible visuals to your event. LED Floors are perfect for concerts and dance events, adding a next-level element to any visual performance. LED Floor is extremely durable and can sustain heavy loads. They can be used as a table, a dance floor, a podium, a fashion ramp, or anything else you can imagine. LED floor screen can not only realize human-computer interaction on the ground, but also interactive interaction between the ground and the wall. Linkage interaction is a combination of two parts, interactive LED screen and interactive led background screen. The special effects exhibition has reached a high-tech level in many fields. Especially the linkage display of wall and ground images.