LED Trailer Solutions


Key Benefits of Mobile LED Trailer

Fast and Easy

Mobile LED Trailer is all preassemled and well configured, just drive in, plug and play, Super easy to operate, one person can deploy it less than 1 hour.

Cost Effective

The operationg costs of a Mobile LED Trailer are very low, just the fuel for your vehicle and labor cost to set it up, which makes it more affoardable.

Weather Proof

LED Trailer display is IP65 waterproof and finished with high quality anti-rust paint. So your trailer can work equally well in bright sunshine and in rainy days.

What Is Mobile LED Trailer

Mobile LED Trailer is an outdoor LED display that is permanently mounted on the lightweight trailer chassis to allow it to move from one location to another and to make it more convenient to use. Mobile LED Trailer is designed with fast setup and simple operation in mind – saving time, money and headache. By purchasing Mobie LED Trailer you can relax by knowing that just about anyone can easily set it up and operate it.

One LED Trailer

Multiple Applications

Every event needs a screen and a crystal clear big screen always catch the most eyeballs. You can use LED Trailer for all kinds of events and activities. Trailer’s special features makes it stand out against your competitors.

Easy As 1-2-3-4

Despite it's size LED Trailer is very easy to use and quick to setup allowing you to do more in less time. With LED Trailer you can do in minutes, what once took hours to accomplish.

Drive To Location

Attach trailer's drawbar to a vehicle and it’s ready to go.

Unhook the Trailer

Unhook the trailer from the vehicle and secure it in place

Connect the Power

Use a local power supply or generator to power the trailer.

Start Presentation

All the equipment is already installed so it is ready to go.

Easy to transport
15 minute to setup
One person to operate