Advantages Of LED ScreenTechnology

Unlimited size and free shape

LED display is assembled from panels with no limit to it's size. And because of being composed of individual pieces, different shapes can be built according to your creative ideas.

Stunning image quality

With LED displays you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from unbeatable definition, vivid colors, high brightness for even greater impact and perfect viewing angle.

Durability and long lifespan

LED display anti-shock and anti-vibration ability is much stronger compared to other devices. And the normal lifespan of an LED screen can reach to 100,000 hours, which is more than 10 years.

Environment friendly

During operation, LEDs only emit light and some heat, but no infrared or ultraviolet radiation. Using LED technology in illuminated signs is not just cost effective, but also sustainable.


LED Screen For Any Environment

LED Screens are versatile communication tools that can deliver ultra-bright, high-quality content for a wide range of applications. At its core, the technology selection for LED comes down to it's installation environment.

CountlessApplication Scenarios

Starting @0.9mm pixel

Indoor LED Screens

Indoor LED screens are absolutely versatile. They can be integrated into the furniture of a store and take on special shapes that satisfy any design and the creative requirements by architects, shop-fitters and interior designers. Other great advantage of indoor LED displays are that they show great image even from very close distance, with the pixel pitch that can now be under 1mm.

High Contrast

SpectacularVisual Effect

Starting @2.5mm pixel

Outdoor LED Screens

Outdoor LED screens are visible and functional in any exposure and weather conditions, even the most hostile. Screen content can be seen in daylight or in the dark of night, even in strong direct sunlight or at night without glare effects. Thanks to their flexibility, outdoor LED screens have no size limit and can cover entire buildings, be integrated into a scaffoldings, installed on poles, roof-tops, walls.


LED Screens For Any Industry & Market

We are dedicated to provide LED screen solutions for diverse applications and we can customise our solutions to suit for any industry. Whether used for digital signage, informational messaging, system monitoring, advertising, productivity, communication, entertainment or architectural ambiance, our LED screens can benefit any market.

Industries & markets we serve:  Automotive, Corporate, Education, Finance, Food Service, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Out-of-Home Advertising, Retail, Sports & Entertainment, Transportation

LED Screen FAQ’s

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is an electroluminescent semiconductor, otherwise known as a low energy light source. LEDs are highly efficient compared to traditional incandescent light sources and they have the ability to switch at much higher rates. LEDs also benefit from much longer service lifetimes, lower operational temperatures and smaller sizes. LEDs are physically more robust than their counterparts. This combination of traits makes them ideal for digital signage and electronic advertising purposes, particularly for use in LED screens.

The real difference is the protection of it’s internal components against rain and other extreme weather conditions. Also the brightness of an outdoor screen is higher, varying between 6000 – 10 000nits, while the brightness of an indoor screen varies between 500 – 2500nits, depending on the surrounding environment.
Naturally you always want to get the best image quality. Some say that the viewing distance from the screen is the only factor that matters and they forget that the size of the LED screen also plays a role. In reality the first thing you have to do is to calculate the total number of pixels of the screen which should not be less than 30 000 pixels.
Not really. Keep in mind that smaller pixel pitch is more expensive. If we take for example 3×2m LED screen and set 10m viewing distance, the image quality will be the same, whether the pixel pitch is 10mm or 8mm. Thus choosing a smaller pixel pitch when it is not necessary, would be an additional cost.

Mounting of your LED screen depends on it’s location. It also depends on the size, weight and strength of the screen, it’s support, ceiling, etc. that we are installing onto. Typically we are able to mount a screen anywhere you desire, although sometimes we may have to build additional frameworks or support structures. For smaller screens where weight is not a concern, they can be mounted almost anywhere. Issues, such as this are addressed during planning, in the site survey phase.

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Indoor High Resolution

Transparent LED Screen

Indoor transparent LED screen can be placed inside of a glass window without sacrificing natural light in your space. Additional benefits include creative and artistic applications, while meeting security codes.

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