Digital LED Poster


Movable, Plug & Play
Digital LED Poster

Move your message to where it’s needed most and deliver it more effectively right where the viewers are. This movable LED Poster is a unique, easy to use display which has high resolution advantages, making it perfect for multiple use cases.

Ultra-Slim & Lightweight 
Portable & Moveable 
Easy to Use & Quick to Install 

Multi Application Scenarios

As the new generation of intelligent equipment, LED Poster constitutes a complete advertising broadcast system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia screen. It can display pictures, texts, videos, small plug-ins and other multimedia material. Digital LED Poster support both single-screen mode and split-screen mode. Different number of Poster screens can be spliced together into a large display. It can be applied to the various size requirements and it can be more effective to attract viewers and customers.

Harness the Power of Digital LED Poster

On premise advertising has never been easier to manage. Digital LED Poster offers businesses a dynamic solution with marketing flexibility that can lead to increased sales and revenue.


At 28kg this solution is 36% lighter than conventional LCD advertising solutions.


4 times brightness than LCD screen. Wide color range, vivid color performance.


Change content through WIFI or wired connection. Control the screen via the application.


LED Poster screen can be wirelessly controlled through mobile 4G or WIFI.

Customers & Demands

Key Markets for the LED Poster