Media Player mediaBOX-300


No more compromising between performance, profile, and price. The mediaBOX-300 is a small Windows media player with the power of the 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor. Loaded with a Windows 10 OS to provide unparalleled reliability, including special enhancements such as blocking OS pop-ups, disable OS updates, removed unneeded services, registry tweaks and more; all to ensure the best performing player. The mediaBOX-300 lower power consumption still delivers highly demanding presentations even when powering two high definition 1920×1080 screens. Designed specifically for Digital Signage applications, the mediaBOX-300 is packed with hardware features such as BIOS vault technology, fast boot technology, Visual BIOS technology and Anti-Theft Technology. With the reliability of an ultra fast M.2 2280 drive, you no longer have to rely on a physical spinning disk, thus guaranteeing the longevity of the player.



Optimized Windows media player

What's inside

This media player is optimized for the signage software. In fact, it is a plug and play device that can drive two full HD screens, each running different content. It includes key features like auto restart, scheduled power management, dual band wireless and more. 

MediaBOX-300 is a computing device powerful enough to produce stunning visuals with responsive performance, yet small enough to drive your content in a tight spaces.

With a smart Intel® Core™ i3 processor in a highly customizable package, the mediaBOX-r00 is a breakthrough in compact but impactful signage. Get reliable connectivity through Gigabit LAN or Wi-Fi. The mediaBOX-300 is also equipped with Smart boot technology so your presentation will begin playing within 5-7 seconds after the device has been turned on; thus ensuring the lowest possible downtime for your audience, even after a hard reboot or power outage.


Additional information

Weight 0,54 kg
Dimensions 11,7 × 11,2 × 3,8 cm



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