LED Controller MCTRL600


MCTRL600 is a well-known member of the Novastar MCTRL series, it makes setting up your LED Screen with Novastar control system easy and plug & play. It has a built-in HDMI input (HDCP supported) as well a DVI input allowing you to play your content easily and without big hassles on your LED screen. Multiple units can be cascaded for uniform control. Each unit can control up to 2.3 million pixels. Due to the built-in light sensor input it’s possible to connect a light-sensor directly to the controller to automatically adjust screen brightness to ambient lighting. Therefore the MCTRL600 is also very suitable for fixed installation projects.



Synchronous LED Sender Box

What's inside

MCTRL600 is a controller developed by NovaStar with a single-unit loading capacity of 1920×1200@60Hz. MCTRL600 utilizes UART to cascade and control multiple units. Suitable for a variety of applications, especially rental and fixed installations such as stage broadcasts, monitoring centers, sports arenas, and more.

Each controller is provided with a carrying case, accessory box and packing box.

The controller and accessory box (containing controller related wires and accessories) is packed in the carrying case and the carrying case is packed in the packing box.


Additional information

Weight 2,9 kg
Dimensions 48,2 × 26,8 × 4,5 cm



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